Simple yet tasty vanilla cupcakes

I was recently contacted by Stork and they invited me to try their new product “Stork With Butter” for free. Of course, I accepted this offer as I love to bake and I am always looking for new ingredients to use. This is actually the second bake that I have used the new Stork product for. I firstly made some Halloween biscuits which were delicious! For my second bake however, I really wanted to test the new buttery spread and see how good it really was. I therefore chose to bake vanilla cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream icing, both components needing the Stork With Butter ingredient.
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“Healthy” banana and chocolate chip muffins

Inspired by a recipe by Claire Witt (thewittfamily on YouTube) I decided to go ahead and attempt these myself! I used slightly different ingredients though so I will list below what I used.

🍌 5 mashed bananas
🍫 1 large free range egg
🍌 75ml olive oil
🍫 175ml semi skimmed milk
🍌 250g self raising flour
🍫 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
🍌 200g chocolate chips

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