Becoming a mum for the first time

I was incredibly anxious while pregnant due to having a miscarriage the year before. Sustaining the pregnancy each and every day for the whole 42 weeks I was pregnant was a huge achievement for me. This overshadowed what I actually imagined being a mum was going to be like as I was so focused on the pregnancy, so when J was born it hit me like a ton of bricks!
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Review: My Child Floe “Rainbow Squiggle” Pushchair

I am in my 5th year of being a mummy now, and this means I have had probably more than my fair share of pushchairs!! I went through phases with both the boys of swapping and changing our pushchair quite frequently, much to my husband’s annoyance! We are on baby number 3 now though and that is no longer financially or physically possible (I don’t have the time to be worrying about getting all different pushchairs now!!). We needed a pushchair that will last right up until our little lady no longer needs it.
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“Healthy” banana and chocolate chip muffins

Inspired by a recipe by Claire Witt (thewittfamily on YouTube) I decided to go ahead and attempt these myself! I used slightly different ingredients though so I will list below what I used.

🍌 5 mashed bananas
🍫 1 large free range egg
🍌 75ml olive oil
🍫 175ml semi skimmed milk
🍌 250g self raising flour
🍫 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
🍌 200g chocolate chips

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As a mummy of 3, I have had 3 very different breastfeeding experiences and I thought I would share them all in this blog post.
I found a useful breastfeeding questionnaire which I feel covers all the aspects I wish to cover so I will go ahead and answer the questions.

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