Review: Fisher Price Tree Party Comfy Time Bouncer

When I was pregnant with my now 4 month old daughter, one of the many things we purchased before she was born was this brilliant Fisher Price bouncer. This is my third baby, so I knew that I could trust the brand Fisher Price as my previous two children had both had Fisher Price bouncers and loved them!


We chose this particular “Tree Party” design as we loved the beautiful colours used to create all of the pictures on the soft padded seat and we loved how girly it was. After having 2 boys previously, I was so keen to buy everything pink! These colours also carry onto the toys hanging from the toy bar and they really hold our daughters attention, she loves looking at them and now reaches out to grab them and pulls them towards herself. Even when she was just a couple of weeks old, she loved to open her eyes and try and focus on the lovely bright colours. This is another reason we chose this bouncer, we wanted something we could use for her right from the minute she was born up until she could sit up unaided and this bouncer ticked those boxes for many reasons. The seat has a safe harness and is so soft, beautifully padded and not too upright which is perfect for newborns as they can comfortably lie back without putting any pressure on their little neck muscles. However it is still just the right recline position for my now 4 month old who now dislikes laying flat on her back. She loves going in her bouncer as it props her up just enough so she can lie back comfortably but she can still see what is going on. The seat also has a brilliant vibrate function which is activated by a switch at the front of the chair. This was brilliant for soothing my daughter as a newborn and it still soothes her now if she gets upset.


The toy bar on the bouncer has three attached hanging toys, the middle of which is an owl that can be lightly pulled downwards to play one of two songs to the baby. The music comes through the small speaker on top of the house where the owl hangs from. My daughter loves this and her little eyes light up when she realises that I am going to make the music come on! As she loves to pull on the hanging toys, I don’t think it will be long before she is able to make the music come on herself! This would be very rewarding for a learning baby! The other two hanging toys are a squirrel and a bird, both beautifully designed with soft edges and little loops under each that the baby can easily reach out for and grasp. The toy bar is completely removable with a plastic clasp on each side that you simply squeeze to allow you to lift the bar off. This makes it easier to get your baby in and out of the chair without trying to manoeuvre around the bar.


Overall, we absolutely love this bouncer. It took about 10 minutes to put together out of the box and the seat fabric is completely removable so can be machine washed. We have used the bouncer since our daughter was just a few days old and we will continue to use it until she can sit up unaided or reaches the weight limit of 25 lbs (11.3kg), whichever comes first! The bouncer is lightweight enough to move from room to room with me so I can set it up wherever I need to be and put my daughter in. This means I can get on with my jobs around the house while being able to keep a close eye on my daughter, knowing she is happy, stimulated and content in her Fisher Price Tree Party Comfy Time bouncer!

*This was bought with our own money and I chose to review it myself. All opinions are my own.*


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