Emilia’s 4 Month Update

Wow, 4 months already! I know I said it last time and I will probably say it in every single one of these updates, but where HAS that time gone??!!! I honestly cannot believe I have a 4 month old already, I am still in the mindset of just having a baby!! She really isn’t a newborn baby anymore though, she is growing and changing so fast every day right before our eyes. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, I cannot wait to watch her grow up and I feel so privileged to be able to spend every single minute of these precious first years with her, but on the other hand I feel like crying that already she isn’t a tiny baby anymore!! (Even though she is in my head haha).

💟 Emilia weighed 16lb 1oz on Wednesday the 21st October 2015

💟 She looks much older than she is because of her length, 6-9 month dresses are too wide for her but are fast becoming too short!

💟 Her head seems to have grown quite considerably this month, headbands which were too big last month now fit her nicely

💟 Breastfeeding is still going amazingly well and I am still loving every minute, as is she! We feed on demand, but typically she feeds anywhere between 2-4 hours in the day and is really efficient at getting her milk now. She is getting really nosy as she feeds, looking around everywhere and pulling at my hair, top, skin, face anything she can reach!

💟 She generally goes down to sleep in her cot at night between 8 and 9pm and sleeps through until anywhere between 5 and 8am

💟 She has “found” her thumb this month and loves to use it as a comfort to get herself off to sleep. She will also take a dummy if I offer it to her if she is unsettled, but she will not let me help her put her thumb in – she has to do that herself!

💟 She is still such a happy, content baby and a pleasure to be around. She loves to sit on our knees and listen to us sing to her, we get rewarded with lots of lovely smiles, giggles and coos. Just adorable!!

💟 She loves being tickled under her arms and she laughs when we play peekaboo with her

💟 When lay on her play mat she loves to reach out for toys around her. She can successfully hold rattles now and loves to shake them to make them make noise.

💟 When lay on her back she tries to roll over onto her front and gets about 3/4 of the way there and then gets stuck. I don’t think it will be long before she masters this though, she seems very determined!

💟 She loves tummy time now and lifts her head right up to see toys in front of her or just to simply have a look what is going on!

💟 She has been chomping on her fists a lot this month so we think her teeth are beginning to move in her gums. She has had a couple of days where she has had really rosy cheeks but she has coped really well so far. Will be digging the amber anklet out soon that I had for both the boys!

💟 She has had all three sets of her vaccinations now and was so brave and coped amazingly after each set. No more now until 13 months –  hooray! They aren’t very nice, but definitely worth it and need doing.


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