Gift ideas for a 3 year old boy

My youngest son has just turned 3 so I thought I would share some of the gifts he received for his birthday to give you some ideas for Christmas or any birthdays you have coming up! I found him quite difficult to buy for this year as he and his brother seem to have everything already. I therefore made a list of all the things I know he enjoys playing with either at home or at playgroup and just expanded on these really.

So, here are a selection of gifts O received for his 3rd birthday. Some are from us and others are very gratefully received from family. I will leave links and the prices of the items where possible.

Fisher Price Little People Racin’ Ramps Skyway
Buy here
RRP: £39.99

O absolutely loves this. He has always been a typical boy and really into his cars, so we thought this would be perfect for him. He loves racing the cars down all the ramps – it comes with 2 different ones. My 5 year old also really likes this toy too! They slide cars, figures, marbles, basically anything they can find down the ramps and wait in anticipation to see who or what finishes first!!

Fisherprice Little People Stand And Play Rampway
Buy here
RRP: £44.99

We asked a family member to get this for O to go alongside the above “Racin’ Ramps Skyway”. This also came with 2 different cars and both the boys again love sliding anything they can find down all the many different ramps.

George Home Wooden Ramp Racer
Buy here
RRP: £20

This is a lovely, sturdy, classic wooden toy that comes with 2 wooden cars. Both the boys have again loved putting the cars down the ramps and they are over the moon that all their die-cast cars fit down there too! They usually combine this ramp racer with the other 2 fisher price ramps and have a car racing tournament, providing them with hours of fun!

Pirate Ship & Castle Playset
Buy here
RRP: £32.99

This is a lovely playset that O hasn’t stopped playing with since his birthday! It comes with loads of knights, pirates & accessories – perfect for roleplay games.

Galt Toys threading buttons and cotton reels
Buy here and here
RRP: £4.99 for the cotton reels and £4.99 for the buttons

These are great to develop fine motor skills and O has mastered how to thread both the buttons and the cotton reels onto the threads provided. He also enjoys stacking them and sorting them into colour groups. A brilliant educational but fun toy!

Disney Store Spiderman Backpack
Buy here
RRP: £15.95

O will be starting nursery in January 2016 and we wanted to get him a new backpack to take with him. We chose this one from the Disney store as it is a fantastic size and it has a fun Spiderman hood that pulls out of the top of the bag. O loves putting this on and pretending to be Spiderman!

I hope you have enjoyed looking through a selection of the gifts our 3 year old got for his birthday. Hopefully I have provided you with some ideas or inspiration for upcoming birthdays or Christmas presents! If you would like to see more posts like this, please let me know!

*Prices correct at the time of posting. All opinions are of my own and all products have been either bought by us or gifted to us by family*


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